Webinar: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Using the present moment to free your mind and connect with your Soul

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In this interactive, live training, participants will discover the power of mindfulness to free themselves and their clients from pain, mental health issues, stress reactions, compulsive behavior and more. Experiential and research-based, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) has been used successfully in hospitals, treatment centers, outpatient recovery programs, jails, sports teams, private practices and more to reduce anxiety, depression and pain, increase performance and decrease suffering.

As we increase our present moment awareness, our ability to connect with our wisest, most creative and loving presence emerges. This enables us to pass this gift onto our clients and use MBSR as a compatible intervention with whatever other healing approaches we use. Life is truly just a series of one present moment connected to another. Let’s maximize the quality of our lives and discover how to fully step into these moments with compassion, nonjudgment and more. Come ready to deepen into your present moment where your true power and connection live!


  • Participants on completion of this webinar will be able to:
  • Define, identify and begin using MBSR interventions with their clients
  • Increase present moment awareness and the helpful attitudes needed to use this practice
  • Understand the benefits, uses and research around this long-standing practice
  • How frequent MBSR practices can help free our clients from specific issues and protect their healing work.
  • Diverse ways to bring this into your life and work with clients
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