Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy: Using the 3 levels of consciousness for healing

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Dr. Shannon South

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As research has shown us, accessing a client’s Whole Self for healing (mind-body and Spirit) can greatly enhance the therapeutic process. Instead of simply helping a traumatized client move out of survival, what if you could also help them identify, awaken and activate their highest potential? What if you could break old destructive survival patterns and unlock you clients wiser Self which lies beyond their repetitive, thinking mind? Join Dr. Shannon South for a fresh look at techniques to heal bringing together multiple areas of counseling to awaken human potential and fast-forward healing.


  • Summarize and list unique qualities of the unconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind.
  • Explain why repetition compulsion becomes a survival pattern for many traumatized clients and how expansion patterns may be engaged in the therapeutic process to speed healing.
  • Explain why symbols [positive associations] are powerful components of psychotherapy, how they may be employed to replace traumatic associations, to promote healing.
  • Describe how to help clients identify their guiding symbols and employ them in active healing.
  • Identify the benefits of integrating levels of consciousness in healing.
  • Explain why the subconscious mind must be engaged for healing to last.
  • Discover an “Introduction to the Inner Counselor Process” that integrates multiple levels of healing for clients.

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